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Marija with framed rosaries received from Popes St John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I

WE ASKED VISIONARY MARIJA PAVLOVIC about the reoccurring media reports that claims the Vatican has produced a negative report on the Medjugorje phenomena and Pope Francis is against the apparitions.

It is all fabrications and rumours coming from the media” Marija dismissed. “I received a rosary just the other week from Pope Francis”

Marija explained how a priest from the Vatican who came to Medjugorje directly from a meeting with Pope Francis was given a rosary by His Holiness, and he told the Pope “Holy Father I am going to Medjugorje and will meet with Marija one of the visionaries, may I give this to her from you?”– and the Pope responded “Yes, you may.” After which the priest arrived in Medjugorje and gave Marija the rosary informing her of the encounter with the Holy Father.

Marija then showed us the rosary with the papal emblem. It was framed alongside other rosaries including one that she told us she received from Pope St John Paul II and another she received from Pope Benedict XVI.

Marija is the visionary who allegedly receives the official message for the whole world to give on behalf of the Blessed Mother every 25th of the month. Current rumours are that these messages will be banned from being disseminated by the Vatican.

Media reports have been reoccurring since June, most recently in Italy, that the Vatican has decided against the apparitions, despite the Vatican commission themselves scolding the reports as ‘manipulated’ and ‘obviously having desire to undermine the good relations existing between the faithful who accept Medjugorje and go there for years on pilgrimage, and of the Holy Father.’




Vadhwana on February 21, 2016 AT 08 pm

comment #57:Not knowing atnyhing about your and your classmates’ schools, atnyhing I might say about them would be speculation. Some Catholic schools did better with addressing the signs of the times. Others isolated themselves and created school cultures to fill the loss of ethnic Catholic enclaves, which I think were one of the main factors in reinforcing cultural Catholicism in the US until the second half of the 20th century.My grammar school, on the other hand, admitted non-Catholics in 1969. That led to my own baptism in 1970. Back in the 50 s when my parents wanted to adopt their baptized-Catholic foster child, the pledge to send her to Catholic school was deemed inadequate. The priest in charge of Catholic Charities insisted they convert to Catholicism, an impossibility because of their previous marriages. While some might say I would be a bad fruit of Vatican II, I stand in comparison to my parents’ would-be daughter, who ended up bouncing from Catholic home to Catholic home and the last time I chatted with her in 1983, was a born-again evangelical.In my experience, Vatican II opened the door to me to become a Catholic, enabled me to get a theological degree, and has allowed me to serve as a lay minister for a quarter-century. As a parish liturgist, I see the fruits of those who have engaged the Council and taken advantage of its opportunities. Clearly, people are alienated from post-conciliar Catholicism for a host of reasons, Humanae Vitae probably being the first of them. But sociological surveys in the 70 s did not show that people left in droves because of liturgy.As for today, I have a conservative priest friend who adopts George Weigel as his mentor for Sunday preaching. Not even the document his own bishops produced last year. Go figure.I woud love to sit down with other liturgists and clergy and even Pope Francis/Cardinal O’Malley to get to the bottom of why Catholicism isn’t doing as well as we could be in the US. I probably have more questions than ideas. But from the trenches, I’ve seen a lot in the past 25-40 years. I’m inclined to think we’ve been too timid rather than too rash.

Rachel Porath on September 10, 2015 AT 03 am

Our faithful father of the church, has a huge decision, let us all pray for him to have guidance from only Our Lord and Savior! I’m quite certain his decision will be for the good of all of God’s people right NOW :) Our Mother’s intercession has been happening for many, many years. It’s the open hearts of the ones who believe our world can be helped, and has been helped from both Jesus and our Mother for all these years already. Faith!! Have Faith….all the rest will fall right into place brothers and sisters in Christ!!

Josephine on September 8, 2015 AT 08 pm

Hi my name is Josephine I’m have a baby and I would love if you can say a pray for me I had 3 miscarriage please and thanks you

    Claire on September 9, 2015 AT 03 am

    Dear Josephine~ I will pray for you and your baby. My Mom had 3 miscarriages and then I was born (54 years ago), followed by two bothers. God Bless ?

    anita on September 9, 2015 AT 02 pm

    I also am praying for you…pray to St. Philomena as she is the Patron Saint of infants,babies and youth that with her intercession God will give you a beautiful and healthy baby.

    Sandy Bryan on September 11, 2015 AT 03 am

    Dear Josephine,
    Consecrate your baby to Our Blessed Mother. I will pray!

    God Bless you and your baby!

Angela M Long on September 8, 2015 AT 08 pm

I wish to go to Medjorje some day myself. I believe with what I studied the visions are true. Lets keep praying the Rosary. God bless.

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