71384b6682166d569c541dd03d751880IVAN DRAGICEVIC IS THE SECOND VISIONARY after Mirjana Soldo to comment on the international speculation that the Pope Francis was referring to Medjugorje when the Holy Father preached against an unhealthy attitudes towards reports of apparitions during his Homily in Santa Marta, June 9th.

Whilst Ivan says the Holy Father’s comments ‘do seem a little strange’ he says it ‘doesn’t automatically mean it is in reference to Medjugorje’ and is ‘sure the Pope will say something positive, believe in it and hope’. Ivan agrees with the Pope saying ‘the point is to follow God, not people or ideologies’ adding ‘God must be in the first place – Our Lady has been telling us this all these years…tirelessly leading us to Jesus’.

This came just after Mirjana said she has nothing to comment as the Pope’s words did not mention Medjugorje. Vatican Insider also reminded yesterday that the Vatican receives hundreds of reports of apparitions each week including popular ones that are currently harassing Pope Francis as an Anti Christ.

Secular press have concluded from the Pope’s statement that he must be opposed to Medjugorje. One American Catholic missionary, Patrick James Pio Walters, questioned on facebook if theres any evidence of reference to Medjugorje “I want to find the original source [of these reports] Pope Francis is the King of being mis-quoted”

Whilst Faith-In-Our-Families blogger, Clare Short, from the UK tweeted amongst the debate “Errr…Shall we all just wait until the Pope has announced something before we all start imagining what he is about to announce?!”

The statement by visionary Ivan Dragicevic was given to Croatian reporters and released today by Vecernji List, a translation can be read below:

“The Pope’s words seem to me a little strange, but the point is to follow God, not people or ideology, which is good. God must be in the first place just as Our Lady all these years has been with us leading us all to Him. She said to us visionaries “If you had to decide tomorrow on whether to see me or to go to Mass, do not decide to come to me, go to Mass. Because to go to Mass is to encounter with Jesus” She has been for us a guide and is the best teacher and educator. We all have to listen and live, we visionaries in a special way.

That Pope Francis says this does not mean that automatically is directed at Medjugorje, because everything he said we are trying to do. I am sure the Pope will say something positive, believe and hope in it. He is full of the Holy Spirit, because of this I believe that God will win.

Always out from the dust rises good things, good for him and Medjugorje. Our Lady has been with us and tirelessly leads us to Jesus, because He is our peace, joy, love, life and salvation.” – Ivan Dragicevic



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