Giving an in depth interview with Fr Livio, Marija has spoken on her thoughts about the commission and the future of Medjugorje.

Visionary Vicka’s bold faith has also been proven after she declared Our Lady allegedly told her not to worry about the commission despite media reports that at the time had people worldwide convinced that the Vatican came to a negative conclusion. The Vatican has since reprimanded the media hoax and visionary Marija has called them ‘invented’. In an interview with Italian priest Fr Livio Fanzaga she expresses her thoughts on the commission. We share with you the translation of the excerpt here:


MARIJA PAVLOVIC: Recently the newspapers, reports, journalists invent many things, but the best thing is that when you’re in Medjugorje not to think about tomorrow, think about today, because Our Lady is with us. These days, in a special way, in the days of the novena [for the anniversary of the apparitions] the morning before sunrise we went singing, we prayed during the day and at night you could see the lights going up and down the Apparition Hill. Yesterday there was all night adoration, tonight all night adoration to thank Our Lady all evening for Her presence and her message. Then she invites us to pray for all vocations, for all the people who are here, for all the people who were converted in Medjugorje, for al the gifts of healing, gifts of conversion, the gifts of confessions.

This tree, here in Medjugorje, is so rich and so beautiful that, the only thing you feel in your hearts is the tenderness of God. And I would like to share with you and tell you: God is good and merciful with us, gives us His Mother, He gives us peace and gives us the Queen of Peace and this is a great joy. Today we are praising God and thank him for every gift that He is giving us. Our Lady calls us to conversion. Especially Our Lady says: ‘The Almighty gives me the grace to be able to love’. Our Lady, with great love, is loving us today as the first days of the apparitions.

FR LIVIO: Listen… I would like to ask you something very simple but clear: you know that not before long and perhaps before the end of this year, the Church will decide for the second time. The first time was in Zadar 1991 and now the largest,  i.e at the level of the Universal Church, is the Pope himself who will give directives, say the words, the words of the Church, guidance for all of us with regard to this great event that touches now by a third of a century the life of the Church in the world. How do you and the other visionaries await this pronouncement?

MARIJA: With so much joy, so much, so much joy because we know that the Church is the mother, and a mother cannot hit, cannot fail to love their children. We have always been accustomed to living the Church of the Madonna. She took us in the Church from the rocks of the mountain of the apparitions – she said: “Go in the Church, there you will be protected.”

We, with all our love are here to bear witness that when the Church has something to say we are here, and if She needs to correct us, we are ready. We have no fear because, the joy of being in the Church, the richness of being Christians, we have learned with our Lady and that gives us so much joy despite not knowing what God’s plans are.

Now we have the Holy Father, the Commission has spoken to us. I must say I had a wonderful experience meeting the Commission and I am not waiting with fear, I am not afraid because if this is the work of God – and I believe it is the work of God – no one can destroy it. If not of God it will be destroyed soon!

For this I thank the good Lord for the great gift, I recognise that it is a gift of God because it is neither my work nor of the other visionaries, it is not the work of the friars, not by pilgrims but it is an invitation of Our Lady – as Mary: God has allowed Her to be in our midst. She leads us to holiness, She leads us to conversion, She calls us to put God first in our lives. She came as the Queen of Peace, asking, begging all of us to be intruments of peace ‘in this world without God and without peace’ as Our Lady says.

FR LIVIO: And was Our Lady happy today?

MARIJA: Our Lady arrived dressed in gold… she was happy, She was tranquil, She was joyful and at the same time She brought with Her Paradise, and this Paradise She is sending to us. This is a daily grace. Our Lady’s presence is for all of us something that we cannot describe. I think we can only pray increasingly saying: ‘Lord thank you for this gift! Because you are trying to convert me from the old me; attached to the world, to the earth, you are raising us to Eternal Life, to holiness, to Heaven!’  We all have that desire for paradise in the heart that we want to share with all the pilgrims who come here.



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